Minor illnesses.

Minor cuts, blisters & wounds

Minor cuts, blisters & wounds are an everyday occurrence. Even though they are called minor injuries, you should still treat these seriously because of the possibility that it could lead to more serious problems including tetanus infection or illness! To avoid any long term complications make sure your injury gets cleaned properly and use medicines on-hand for preventing infections in order heal quickly.


Things you should know before your visit

Patients with the following may be directed to another health care provider:
● Abscesses● Injuries on the head, face or eyes● Wounds requiring stitches or staples● Uncontrolled bleeding● Any animal wound other than minor dog or cat scratches● Puncture wounds

What to expect at your visit

● We will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, examination and provide a personalized treatment plan for you.● You may need testing. Please note that additional charges apply for these tests. ● At the end of your visit, your practitioner will provide you with a summary, a receipt and educational material.● You might need to have a tetanus booster shot, we can provide this for anyone older than 7.

Why is professional wound care important?

Wound care is an essential part of your healthcare routine, but many people avoid it because they find the process painful and tedious. Professional wound cleaners should be called in when deeper wounds need extensive cleaning or other complications arise from doing things yourself at home.

What are the benefits of professional wound care for children?

A child's injury can be traumatic, and the experience is made worse when they find out that it will require treatment. Our providers will make these procedures as pleasant and pain-free as possible for your children.