Minor injuries.

Our practitioners can evaluate your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan.

Bug bites, Tick bites & stings

Bug bites and stings can occur at any time of year, but warm weather makes it more likely that you and your family will be spending time outdoors.

Minor burns

A minor burn affects the surface layer of the skin. It often looks like a reddened area or small, superficial blisters. Symptoms can include pain, stinging and swelling.

Minor cuts, blisters & wounds

Even though they are called minor injuries, you should still treat these seriously because of the possibility that it could lead to more serious problems including tetanus infection or illness!

Splinter removal

Providers aren't just about removing your pesky little injuries; we're also able evaluate wounds and determine if tetanus shots/antibiotics might be required.

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Sprains, strains & joint pain

Ligaments, muscles and bones are all connected with one another through a network of soft tissue. When these connecting tissues become strained or torn they can cause major pain in your body!

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Cuts and Lacerations

If you have had surgery or an injury that requires sutures (stitches) and staples, there is a good chance the provider asked for their removal. There may also be placement of sutures and staples or skin glue when appropriate.